Coaching the soul to complete wellness

Have you ever heard the term life skills coaching? Sure, you must have by now, but then, have you ever heard of soul coaching. This may be putting new meaning into the previously mentioned life skills being offered a lot these days by professed life skills practitioners. Dare we say this gives more soulful meaning to the training that some people must go through to make improvements in their personal and work lives?

Usually when folks pluck up the courage to give themselves up to such training, they have recognized that all is not well in their small universe. They are disjointed, under-performing and lacking in productivity in the workplace. After time spent going through the routines and schedules of life skills training, psychological evaluations, or soul coaching, they learn that they are not slackers. They are so relieved.

They learn that their perceived weaknesses have a lot to do with their unhappiness with what they have to do each day. The coaching also helps them to overcome the fears associated with the much-needed changes. Changes are necessary in order to bring about an about-turn towards personal happiness and becoming a well-rounded individual. The warning is given that this is not an overnight success story. But the reassurance, or encouragement, is given that down the line, the change that must come will lead to positive outcomes.

Examining the soul is necessary in order to appreciate personal and work circumstances. Getting to know the soul helps to empower the individual towards becoming courageous and breaking out of the shell of timidity or shredding the façade of pretending to be someone that it is not. It is about pleasing the self and not being subservient towards pleasing others.