Locating the Best Places to Hangout in Medford

If you want to have a night out with your sweetheart or just blow off some steam and currently stay in Medford then these tips will help. To find the best bars in Medford you need to screen them on your own. If you relied solely on the reviews that were posted online there is a good chance you’d select the wrong place.

How to Properly Screen Bars in Medford

This checklist is somewhat subjective because each person has their own unique definition of “fun” but you can use it as a template to work from.

  • Does the bar have a regular comedy night? When you are stressed out and want to relax there is nothing like having a good laugh. If the prospective Medford bar has a regular comedy show then you should move them up your list of potential bars.
  • Does the bar have karaoke available on a regular basis? Everyone loves to sing and karaoke was designed to turn that desire into a reality. If the bar has routine karaoke nights then you and your friends need to go out and sing your hearts out.
  • Does the bar have regular DJ’s and dance nights? Aside from slinging back a cold one you may want to dance. Proactive bars will have a regular dance night where patrons can come in and release some stress dancing to the top 40 of now or yesteryear.
  • What age demographic does the bar appeal to? If you are in your 40s then going to a bar that blasts techno may not meet your definition of a good time. In order to make the most of your leisure time you should target bars that are geared towards your demographic.

After you have covered these items you should be able to find the bar in Medford best suited for your personal tastes and preferences.